Dear Business Leader,

With ever accelerating –and utterly unpredictable– change as the only constant around, the quest for better business decisions and better execution of those decisions, brought about by effective teamwork, is now the ultimate managerial imperative.

STRATEGY TECHNICS works with that imperative in mind, supporting business leaders and their teams in their perennial pursuit of it.

Our services include:

Pandemonium Management™, a powerful, proprietary methodology for assessing and improving the effectiveness of teams in any organization.

Business Modeling Toolkit, a sharp portfolio of practical interventions, tailored to the specific needs of a broad range of business challenges.

Modular Training Solutions, a menu of training and development modules to keep managers fit vs. specific demands of modern organizations.

Executive Career Workout™, a unique, personalized, fast-paced program to help business executives break through the inevitable dire straits of senior careers, intelligently and successfully.


 Pandemonium Management Workshop™

Tuesday 12, Tuesday 19 & Thursday 21 June 2018