The Executive Career Workout is a unique, fast-paced program to help business executives break through the inevitable dire straits of senior careers, intelligently and successfully.

A personalized combination of coaching, mentoring and consulting, grounded on an intimate knowledge of the dynamics of senior careers, the job market and the headhunting landscape.

How it works:

Over a small number of intensive confidential sessions, you will work out with the support of your advisor to come up with your Executive Career Masterplan, a detailed roadmap to guide you through to the next level.

Available both to corporates and to individuals.

Whether you are... up-and-comer eager to accelerate;

...a director-level executive looking further up;

...a CEO weighing your next move;

...or just any business manager seeking growth or experiencing transition;

...utilize the Executive Career Workout to gather momentum towards realizing your full potential.

Feel free to contact Dr. Kokkalakis in total personal confidence:

+30 210 7210320

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein

Executive Career Workout



By Nikos K. Kokkalakis, PhD, MBA, Principal of Strategy Technics

With the benefit of multi-year service in senior and general management positions and of vast experience of consulting with CEOs, Management Teams and senior executives at a great number of leading domestic and multinational companies.